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About Us

The Pallas Group is an international investment company planning to design and build world renowned resorts, state of the art film studios able to meet the needs of modern international film productions, a film & 3D animation school, health clinic, shopping mall and amusement park in South East Asia.

To create a world-class destination for living, business and tourism. We strive to create truly iconic developments that make a huge contribution to the improvement of people's lives and opportunities. We are inspired as people and inspire others to achieve remarkable things. We aim to be seen around the world as setting the standards for creativity, ingenuity and enterprise.

The Pallas Group will build a modern, purpose-built complex for film and television production and will be the destination facility for local and international production in South East Asia. Only the highest technology will be used to provide accommodation and shooting stages that are soundproofed, clear-span and equipped with ample power and infrastructure, including the Mega Stage; the largest purpose built  soundstage in South East Asia. The Pallas Group will have the space, technology, capacity and support facilities to accommodate productions of any technical, logistical or budgetary requirements.

Our Philosophy – Stay Different

Just as every customer is different, so will be our hotels and resorts. This is why the Pallas brand promise, remain different ™ is so relevant and critical to how we honour the unique personality of our property, and consistently delivers unforgettable experience that is Pallas Group competitively superior and commercially successful.

Pallas Group provides long-lasting, special memories through experiences, environments, and superior service that is summed up in a single phrase, "Stay Different ™". It also represents the brand promise we make to our guests. We supply our stay Different ™ promise through the following three areas of focus: Imaginative, exciting and fresh.

Pallas Group's brand promise, remain different ™ delivers "imaginative and exciting" experience, and we carefully design and choreography opportunities for inspirational moments and special memories for our guests and all who have our brand. Whether it is through our products and services that provide a dramatic and unexpected, or dedication to superior design and sophisticated aesthetics that stimulates the senses, Pallas Group is known for being the "imaginative, exciting and fresh" developer.

Culturally Connected

By creating a "cultural ties" for our guests, we provoke their curiosity and engage with their own individual tastes and interests by providing insight into the cultural heritage of our local community. Through our initiatives, exhibitions and programming, we are committed to creating experiences for our guests that reflect the importance of different cultures, community collaboration and innovative expression. Pallas Group is renowned for its commitment to creating a "culturally connected environments" for our guests and colleagues.

Our Commitment

To create world famous projects in Pallas Group's range of residential, commercial, retail and leisure properties. Such as the developments that have changed the landscape of Vietnam and Cambodia as spectacular projects that aim to offer a higher standard of living for the people of the nation and an unrivalled experience for visitors.

Located in Vietnam and Cambodia near or in the cities of Dalat, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap, Pallas Group currently has three divisions - Pallas Group Marine and Leisure, which has responsibility for marine projects related to leisure; Pallas Group Hospitality and Leisure, which focuses on growing a portfolio company of hotels, beach clubs, Film and TV studio and community recreation centers; Pallas Group Developments, which manages the entire range of activities for structural projects of the Company, from initial planning to interior design; and Retail Corp, which operates Pallas Group shopping centers and develops retail opportunities for the Company.

Designed and Generous

Our brand promise stay Different ™ allows us to connect with the needs of our guests and deliver exemplary, personalized service. This is achieved by providing a definition of our dedication to customer service and hospitality true: "Designed and Generous." It is designed thoughtfully and generous means being kind and considerate, amazing and special, proactive and personal. The very practice characteristics symbolize our commitment to providing Designed and Generous services. These three dimensions together with Pallas Group Trademarks make a platform where the Pallas brand is brought to life.